Fund flows into, around, and out of Angel Protocol

Basic Flow of Funds in Angel Protocol
High-level view of how funds can enter, exit, and move while within Angel Protocol.

All funds enter Angel Protocol via deposits into an Endowment’s un-invested “bucket” of funds, which we refer to in the contracts as “tokens-on-hand”. Theses buckets exist in a locked and liquid version. All investments and redemptions are carried out from and return back to the respective tokens-on-hand bucket from which they originated. All AST withdraws are pulled from the Liquid tokens-on-hand bucket only.

For invested locked funds, harvest events are where a certain percentage of the earnings generated by those funds are unlocked and moved into the liquid-version of the same strategy, freeing them up to be redeemed to a liquid tokens-on-hand bucket and withdraw if desired. This is how Angel Protocol Endowments throw off an income stream for ASTs.

Locked/Liquid Flow of Funds in Angel Protocol
Detailed flow of funds into, around and out of Angel Protocol taking into account Locked vs Liquid.