Why we build

What You'll Learn:

  • Angel Protocol’s foundation: Social impact
  • Impact case studies
  • Our Vision, Mission & Values

Rooted in Social Impact

We are a decentralized organization rooted in social impact. Decentralized, because the protocol is run and maintained by its token holders. Rooted in social impact, because the protocol is designed to support nonprofit and social impact organizations. Angel Giving lit the spark of Angel Protocol, bringing our team together with a passion to change the world for the better. Its purpose is to provide free access to non-custodial on-chain endowments for nonprofits around the world, leveling the playing field and providing a path to financial stability regardless of the organization’s size or location. But we wanted to go further. Angel Protocol’s infrastructure is carefully designed to benefit the nonprofit organizations of Angel Giving. A portion of all protocol fees are redirected to nonprofits on Angel Giving, which means anytime you use Angel Protocol’s infrastructure you’re also funding local change-makers working to improve the world. Win and help win.

Impact Case Studies

We’ve been able to raise over $6M in donations for nonprofits through the generosity of our donors and partners. Some examples of those impact stories are captured below:

  • $1.5M raised for climate change through an NFT gamified fundraising campaign (link)
  • $500K sent to a local Philippines NPO for disaster relief (link)
  • $200K raised for Ukrainian refugees (link)
  • School built in Uganda through dedicated NFT mint (link)

To stay up to date on our social impact efforts, please check out Angel Giving and join their newsletter.

Vision, Mission, and Values

Angel Protocol's vision is to create the world's leading infrastructure for global, equitable access to financial opportunity. To accomplish that vision, our current mission is to democratize access to financial opportunity by enabling organizations and individuals to leverage the benefits of web3 technology.

Our core values guide us in driving forward our vision & mission:

  1. Impact First: All of our decisions further our ability to create a positive impact on the world
  2. Equity: Everyone deserves free access to financial opportunity, and everyone deserves a voice
  3. Win and Help Win: We always seek positive-sum outcomes and believe greater impact can be generated by aligning incentives so everyone wins
  4. High Say/Do Ratio: We follow through on our declared intent with matching actions to build trust
  5. Mindful Intentionality: We measure twice and cut once. We believe thoughtfulness leads to actions that are true, kind, and necessary