Why use Angel Protocol?

The tokenization of assets is both revolutionary and inevitable. Significant value, efficiency, and democratization of access are unlocked with the move from traditional to tokenized assets (along with new blue oceans of possibility through programmable, trust-less execution). Those who embrace and leverage this technology gain a significant competitive advantage. However, building customized financial products is out of reach for most businesses and individuals:

  • Regulation & Intermediaries: Time-to-market often takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months, or longer if not utilizing a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider
  • Development Cost: Minimum development cost for a new financial product can easily exceed $150K for simple functionality
  • Cumbersome: It can take >1,000 lines of code required to tie together multiple API providers to make a product

Angel Protocol’s infrastructure makes customized financial products available for all, with no friction:

  • Fast: It takes <60 min to configure and launch a 100% bespoke financial product
  • Cheap: No upfront fees or subscriptions mean you can launch your product for free
  • Convenient: Programmable infrastructure with an open-source UI so you only need to deal with 1 solution

We do the heavy lifting for you, carefully researching, selecting, and assessing the risk of assets available for investment. We continuously vet and integrate third-party tools that support the operations of decentralized organizations (payroll, accounting, project management, etc.)

Revenue Sharing

A unique feature of our infrastructure is you actually get paid to build on Angel Protocol, enjoying a 20% revenue share from all financial products you create. You will automatically receive your share of all fees generated by those financial products that are created with your referrer address in the API request. Further, a portion of all Angel Protocol fees get redirected to social impact. You win, your customers win, and the world wins. You no longer need to invest significant time and resources to build the financial products your customers deserve. Take ownership into your own hands with the power and simplicity of Angel Protocol’s infrastructure.

Cost-leading Pricing Model

We believe in democratizing access to financial opportunity regardless of a person’s wealth or location. Thus, we charge no setup costs, take no cut of incoming contributions, and have no subscription fees. We only win when our customers win, charging 1% on balances (per annum) and 1.5% on withdrawals (of funds leaving Angel Protocol). Simple, transparent, and inclusive. We plan to introduce a premium service in the future for those seeking a dedicated account manager, white-glove help desk, technical assistance for integration, and help with admin/legal. Currently, the cost is free: talk to us.

Who uses Angel Protocol?

Angel Protocol’s infrastructure is trusted by over 170 organizations around the world and can be utilized for a variety of different use cases related to raising, investing, and coordinating funds. Some examples include:

  • Nonprofit endowment accounts & fundraising marketplace
  • Emerging market crowdfunding
  • Micro-lending (e.g. agricultural microloans in Myanmar)
  • Family, education, and charitable estate planning trusts
  • Impact funds (collective fundraising, investment, and grant-making)

Angel Smart Treasuries are available for any business, organization, or individual who would like to benefit from them. For a more detailed overview of existing & potential use cases, please see Examples And Use Cases.